In a Rush


I can't believe I haven't posted here in a month. Oh but but how did I miss blogging. As you can imagine I was so busy with college that I barely had time for anything else but now it's over and I can officially say I am starting the exciting life of a flight attendant. I already had my first two flights and the emotions are hard to describe. It's all so different from when you're reading or learning about things to when you're putting your knowledge into practice. But I am so excited about all the challenges and adventures ahead. I know there's gonna be hard times and there's gonna be 'pinch me am I dreaming?' times as well. What I have noticed so far though is that everything feels rushed, I need to get used to this pace of life that I am going to be constantly on the go. I was laying in my hotel room yesterday in the afternoon and I couldn't fall asleep because I knew I have just an hour to nap before I have to get ready. So that is a bit stressful but I am sure with time I will get adjusted to this new rhythm.

Since now I am gonna have more free time than in the last two months, I am really gonna try to get back to the things I love. I missed blogging, sharing photos and stories with you, reading and being inspired. One of my favorite bloggers, Audrey, wrote that not having time to read leaves her feeling dry; a word drought she says. That's how I feel when I don't blog or have time for my hobbies. I feel like it makes me lose my motivation. And I can't stress it enough how important it is to have motivation with the lifestyle I am leading. I came back from London this morning, slept throughout the day, and will probably stay up all night. And that's ok, it's just important to listen to yourself and your body. I will probably share more thoughts about this in a few months time, but for now I will try to create more content and keep you guys in the loop of what I'm up to. I'm going to Australia and New Zealand next week, so follow my Instagram because I am always sharing pics over there.

Today I'm listening to: Matoma & Becky Hill - False Alarm

With Love,

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  1. Ohh I miss you a lot! Happy you're back :)

  2. Life sounds exciting. I can't wait to see your photos, I'm going to have SERIOUS wanderlust in the dark, winter months coming up. I love the new look too!


    1. I will try not to tease too much! I know how bad the wanderlust gets in that long winter season. Ha x

  3. Loving your stories!! Keep posting ;) kisses from italy:)