Travelogue: Sydney and Auckland


Hey guys! I am back from Australia and New Zealand and my two day hibernation is coming to an end. I have been catching up on sleep, laundry and some unavoidable errands and wanted to update you about my 5 day trip to two new places that my job had brought me to. Before I moved to Dubai, I had never been outside of Europe and now I easily visited two new continents within a two week span. Still can't wrap my head around that. But as you can imagine, these things do take a toll on you. Your mind and body especially.

I had a 2 hour Skype session with my dad yesterday as even keeping in touch with family and loved ones becomes harder and harder not only because of the time difference of where I am and where they are but also because of major jet lag. Yes, you go to bed at 9am and wake up at 6pm but there is no guilt in it. It's a job and you gotta take care of yourself otherwise you'll break and your body will shut down. Of course knowing my body, it decided to get extremely sick during those 5 days away. Speak of all the fun stuff: chills, sweat, fever, coughing and runny nose. I barely survived that short flight from Sydney to Auckland. And asking a customer what would they like to eat without coughing was the hardest thing I had to control. No worries though, I bought medicine and am almost 100% healthy again. Shout out to all the places that serve fresh juices which contributed to getting my health back quickly. I always try to drink lots of juices when I'm sick and that somehow seems to work quite fast together with medicine.

Now to tell you more about Sydney and Auckland. I absolutely loved Sydney. It's really really beautiful... and windy. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to Bondi beach and a few other places that I was planning to because of my fever, but I did have an excuse to buy Uggs. Haha so cliché I know but I am sure they will be my go-to boots during layovers in cold winter months. I loved wandering the busy streets of Sydney, seeing flower stalls and live performances. Felt like I was back in Europe for a moment. Speaking of Europe, I am flying to Frankfurt tomorrow morning!!! I couldn't be more happy to go home, even if it's for a day only. As for Auckland, I found it to be so lovely. I am not gonna lie I am more interested in New Zealand's vast nature than the citites, so I hope to go back at some point to explore that. I hope you enjoy this travelogue, a new category in my blog that I will be updating quite often from now on I suppose. Let me know what would you like to see more of or read about and I will try to fulfill that! Hugs to you all.

With Love,

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