Trip to Vietnam & A New Vlog


I finally created a new vlog! It's been like half a year since my last one? And I realize why, they are not easy to make! Ha. I seriously admire people who do them for a living because boy oh boy as much as I hate to admit this, especially as a film&tv studies graduate, mine are so so amateur it's embarrassing. I am just really bad with technology and programs in my opinion and sorry in advance that the footage is a bit fast. I was trying to film everything and there were so many things happening around me simultaneously that it was difficult to capture all the hustle and bustle.

It felt incredible to be there, Hanoi is so vibrant and colorful and different to any other place I've ever been. I somehow felt that I was invading their space by trying to capture everything around me, yet I wanted to have that memory with me forever so I filmed as much as I could to look back at it one day and remember that amazing feeling. We are considering a trip to Vietnam with my brother early next year so I hope to see more of this beautiful country. For now I will let the photos speak for themselves about my short visit to Hanoi. Apologies in advance if the video is not available in your country, but you can watch it on my Instagram. Let me know how you like this vlog and if I should film more in the future trips. I have a few more flights before I go back to Germany on vacation for two weeks in October to see my loved ones and relax. Can't wait! I can already hear pumpkin spice latte dates with friends calling my name. Haha:) speak to you soon!

With Love,

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  1. I'm in love with your travel posts! I feel like I was there haha

    1. That is what I am trying to achieve dear Paula! Very happy to hear that! x

  2. GORGEOUS photos love!! Can't wait to check out your VLOG stories!! <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  3. I love your blog, thank you for sharing!
    xoxo, Hadasah