Comfy Fall Look


Some days all I care about is feeling comfortable - staying in bed for as long as I want, eating nice food, not stressing myself out, wearing simple pieces and not worrying about trends or what is popular at the moment. Those  are the good days as I like to call them. Slipping into a pair of your favorite ripped jeans and glitter sneakers because why not? As for the fedora and the scarf in these pics, they were borrowed. My friend Ieva who took these pictures has the best style and I always like what she wears so I just asked her if I can borrow these two items for the photos and I am surprised how well they complete the outfit. Don't you think so? In fact, without them I think it would look kinda boring. But I won't lie, I love this khaki colored shirt from Chiwish and how they go with these CoH jeans. Said it a lot of times before but will say it again, simplicity is key.

Now for some regular life updates, I just returned from the cinema where I went to see Girl on the Train and I have to say the book was so much better. I am really excited to see American Honey and American Pastoral though, they look really good! I got some books when I was in Frankfurt, so I want to spend more time reading as well, but I am a slow reader and an even bigger procrastinator, so we'll see how that goes. I have a few things planned for the next couple of days as I have a few days off but more about that later if everything works out. I was also thinking of preparing some beauty-related posts, as I haven't done those in a while. Would you like to see them on the blog or do you prefer outfit and travel posts only? Let me know, I would happy to hear your thoughts or ideas. Have a nice weekend!

With Love,

What I'm wearing: Top - Chicwish / Jeans - Citizens of Humanity / Shoes - Bershka / Bag - Asian Tendance / Watch - Daniel Wellington

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  1. Such a relaxed look for A/W, I love it. And yes totally agree with you, the book of TGONT was so much better. x

    1. Thanks Ashley! I normally am a movie person, but some books are just too good to be made into movies or we portrayed them in our mind much better haha!:)

  2. Beautiful chill look. suits you well

    xxx, Eva

  3. Yesssss, this scarf is so adorable. I hope you're feeling better!


  4. Entire winter is for me just a big 'Comfy fest' tbh :)

  5. Such a nice and cozy outfit! The hat looks so good on you! I watched girl on the train and I actually found it pretty good. I just love Emily Blunt. :)


    1. Thank you Daria, I love fedoras! Oh yes, the movie isn't bad at all I just loved the book more but glad you liked it:)