Once Upon a Time


It always amazes me how peaceful I become when I write blog posts, take or edit photos. It's literally like my zen zone, which fulfills my soul. It's a hobby just as any other I suppose but I am so glad I still love it after all this time. It can be stressful of course, meeting deadlines, getting out of your comfort zone but that's what I've always liked and what I've always said. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So even though some outfits I shoot are not 100% me or something I wear on a daily basis, I still do like to experiment with them.

For example this skirt, I saw it on Chicwish website and thought 'oh I could totally wear this to a dinner or something' but when I received it and put it on, I thought it's pretty eye-catching. And I do like to stand out sometimes but this time I prefer to just take photos wearing it or put it on on special occasions. But I still love how I styled it so simply with a H&M top and these white Missguided heels and it all goes together so well. And you know, once upon a time I was afraid to experiment or step out of my comfort zone. But not anymore, I embraced that uncomfortable feeling only to realise that's when your inner confidence shines the brightest.

With Love,

What I'm wearing: Top - H&M / Skirt - Chicwish / Heels - Missguided / Watch - Daniel Wellington

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  1. Lovely styling!

    Love, Eva

    1. Definitely something different than my usual! Thank you:)