Turtleneck Season


Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. I feel somewhat nostalgic and often find myself wanting to cozy up on the couch and just spend hours and hours relaxing. I also tend to spend more time drinking teas, play fall playlists on YouTube non-stop and light more candles than usual for that warm autumn evening feeling. And turtlenecks become my go-to item in the closet, I am truly obsessed with them. That's my kinda autumn in Europe. Autumn in Dubai is more about sweating less, hot evening walks that are actually enjoyable and less sandstorms. Although both are totally different as you can see, they are both equally enjoyable. That is why I am trying to make the most of this change while I am here for two weeks, because I know I will be reminiscing about it when I am back in Dubai. But for now no thinking about it just yet. Enjoying every moment right here and right now.

This morning I hopped on a bus to see my mom, as you know she lives a few hours away from Frankfurt. The original plan was that she will come to see me but unfortunately she is in the hospital so I am sad that it didn't happen as we wanted to - but hey it's life. I am just hoping she will get better soon and will be out by the middle of next week. I am grateful I got to see her today even if for a short while. Now that my job involves so much traveling, seeing your friends and loved ones became just so much more special. You truly learn to appreciate seeing them even for an hour. I am going to see her tomorrow as well, so I am already wishing you a lovely Sunday whatever you will be doing. I will be sharing a few outfit articles in collaboration with Chicwish next week but this is the first one and I hope you enjoy it. I've been living in this turtleneck since I arrived to Germany on Monday, it's just so cozy. Exactly like how autumn is supposed to be.

With Love,

What I'm wearing: Sweater - Chicwish / Trousers - Massimo Dutti / Boots - Balenciaga / Bag - Zara / Watch - Daniel Wellington

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  1. I'm so happy that it's that time of the season again! I love your turtleneck so much. x


  2. Such a great look, I love the color of this turtleneck sweats! it’s a nice way of styling for fall....
    Instagram @grace_njio

    1. Trying to match with the falling leaves! Ha:) thank you!