Farewell, 2016


What a year. 2016, you've been one hell of a ride. It felt like such a long year maybe because I changed jobs, saw more places in 4 months than I saw in my whole life and met so many new people. Maybe also because so much happened in the world - both good and bad but I won't talk about it. What I will say is that it was for sure a year full of different experiences and a year of challenges and personal growth for me but I feel grateful for everything that happened. I have to admit though, I am happy to say farewell to 2016, as I just want to open a new chapter in my mind to whatever the future has in store. And like one of my favorite songs from One Republic says - the future looks good. So may 2017 be a year to filled with many incredible moments.

One thing I am happy and in a way feel proud about about is that I finally learned to live one day at a time, something I wasn't capable of just at the beginning of this year. It truly makes a difference in ones mind when you are able to realize that nothing lasts forever, neither good things nor bad things. And that's what I love about it, you are able to appreciate different moments for what they are - but most importantly they are pure and real. And that's what I hope for in 2017 - lots of genuine moments. I hope 2017 will bring lots of exciting new opportunities for all of us and that smiles will replace frowns because there will be more reasons to smile and be happy about. May the new year be a good year.

With Love,

What I'm wearing: Sweater - Under The Radar / Skirt - Zara / Sneakers - Adidas / Bag - Massimo Dutti / Sunglasses - Nividas

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  1. Happy new year, Bri! Looking forward to all of your 2017 adventures.

  2. It's so great that you finally learned to live one day at a time! It's such a struggle for me. I wish nothing but happiness in this new year, Bri :)