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Feels so strange to be writing here again. Seems as if it's been ages since my last post although it's been only two weeks. But so much can happen in just two weeks! I visited Thailand twice, Hong Kong once and going to Copenhagen in a few days. Talk about busy lifestyle and non-stop adventures. And although as exciting and as tiring it sounds - I wouldn't trade it for anything. These opportunities to be in different parts of the world every few days, go to places far away and have them at your fingertips is indescribable. Sometimes it just feels too good to be true. A lot of people ask me how can you discover a place in just 24 hours? Well you learn to manage your time to try and make the most of it. It's not possible to see everything but it is definitely possible to experience some of the main things about a certain destination - like local food, some sightseeing and so on. 

As you can probably guess though, the video above is not from a 24 hour trip. It's from my vacation to Phuket and the islands around that I mentioned to you in my last article. We spent almost a week with my brother exploring the beautiful islands of Thailand at the beginning of January and my sunburn is only now going away. Thailand in general is incredible, there is still so much more to see and discover that I would need a few more trips to fully experience that paradise of a place. It was one of the most crazy experiences I had and I feel so grateful to be able to embark on these type of adventures every so often. That 15 year old girl in Lithuania that I was 7 years ago probably have never imagined all the unique places and adventures she'll be experiencing in the future. And that is why I ask you one thing - dare to dream. Dare to dream bigger thank you think is possible and just wait and see what happens. Sometimes magic enters our lives when we least expect it. Enjoy this new video and I hope you can share some thoughts about it in the comment section on my YouTube channel!

With Love,

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  1. "Hello my dearest, thank you for always sharing inspiring posts!!!!
    Hadasah Love ||

    1. Thank you for keeping up to date with me even though I am barely ever here.

  2. Hello dear, love you vlogs! Love how raw and pure you are. Would be amazing if it becomes your weekly thing, but we missed your writing as well, so just to let you know that there are people who are waiting for your new posts ;)

    1. Hey there. Thank you so much for this comment, it really makes me grateful that someone genuinely wants to see my content whether it's in a video format or in a blog post. I don't think I am willing to get back to writing, although it used to be so therapeutic. I just don't feel the same about it. So I'll stick to making videos for now, but if I ever come back to writing - you will know! Thank you once again. <3

  3. Wow, amazing video