AWO Stories founded and created by Brigita in December 2014, is a personal lifestyle blog about travels, fashion and inspiration. The blog posts on AWO Stories may be of interest to different age groups and genders, so take a look and explore.

The meaning of AWO

AWO stands for 'Arms Wide Open'. This abbreviation and phrase can be understood literally and metaphorically. Living life with arms wide open is about being open-minded and embracing moments, learning how to be loving, creative and positive. Through some recent travels, a collection of photos was made with spreading arms open that inspired the idea for this blog and its title.

About the founder

Hello! My name is Brigita (or just Bri) and welcome to AWO Stories. I launched AWO Stories when I was in my last year of university to use it as a creative outlet for expressing my ideas and sharing all the future endeavours. So join me in exploring new things and places while I am gathering my stories.